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  Today his birthday celebrates Thanos Petrelis! We wish him very happy birthday! We wish him lots of health, happiness, luck, love, new hits and even more fans!

  The Greek star Nikos Vertis released his new video “Prosehe Kala”. The music and the lyrics of the song are signed by Nikos Vertis himself. The video was filmed in Kavala – the  place where the family of the famous artist comes from. Director of the video is Lyudmil Ilarionov-Lyusi from Bulgaria.  

  The famous Greek singer and composer Giorgos Papadopoulos presented his new single “Na pernas”. The music and the lyrics of the song are signed by Giorgos Papadopoulos himself. The song is an emotional ballad performed by the artist In the best way with his very touching voice. The video was filmed in an escape […]

  Ilias Vrettos, who suffered a very serious accident in February this year and the recovery took him a long time, now returns with a beautiful ballad called “I agapi mporei”. The music of the song is done by Giannis Fraseris. The lyrics are written by Alexandros Eleftheriadis. “For me the song “I agapi mporei” […]

  Nikos Vertis announced in his official facebook page that soon he is releasing his new video. The Greek star didn’t share any details about his new project but his numerous fans are sure that it will be a hit. Here you can see the teaser of his new video!   Νέο βιντεοκλίπ σύντομα στο […]

  After the successful single “Vradi Savvatou”  Zanis Knock Out presents his new song “Hameno kormi” which is in a collaboration with Giorgos Markoulis. The music and the lyrics of the song are done by Zanis himself. Very impressive is the participation of Giorgos Markoulis who is one of the talented artist of the new […]

  The Turkish producer  and singer Serhat and the Greek pop diva Helena Paparizou presented a new common single “Total Disguise”. The song has been a staple in Serhat’s singing career. He originally released “Total Disguise” in 2004 as a duet with the French-Belgian singer Viktor Lazlo. She is known as the host of Eurovision 1987. In 2008, […]

  Kostas Doxas released his new single “Savvatokiriaka”. The song is a romantic ballad which tells about the big love and for sure will touch everyone’s heart. The music of the song is done by Giannis Fraseris. Thy lyrics are written by Vassilis Giannopoulos. The original story in the video shows one whole life that […]

  Vasiliki Ntanta released her new single “Axioprepia”. The song is a ballad which the singer performed in a very emotional manner with her deep voice. The music is done by the famous composer Vasilis Gavriilidis and the lyrics are written by Angeliki Makrinioti. Director of the video is Alex Konstantinidis.  

  STAN released his new single “Tetragona”. The Greek star this time chose to work with the composer Hristos Santikai and the lyricist Vangelis Konstantinidis. The song is dedicated the emotions that are driving oneself when he is hopelessly in love. The lyrics express the strong fight that this person has inside himself. The video […]

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