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  Balkanika Music Television celebrates its 13th birthday. The televisions started broadcasting in 2005 and during these years established as one of the most popular music television channels because of its unique concept combining modern hits from all Balkan countries and new projects of the biggest stars of the Balkans. 13 years Balkanika Music Television […]

  Antonija Sola presented her new single “Bitango Moja”. The Croatian singer says for this song that is dedicated to the charming liars. “They lie to me, but I lie to them also. And who lies usually and steals but I steal only hearts. Everyone has met such people in their lives.  But the summer […]

  Today his birthday celebrates Amel Curic! We wish him very happy birthday! We wish him lots of health, happiness, luck, love, new hits and even more fans!

  The Croatian star Severina collaborates again with the Bosnian rapper Jala Brat. Their new common project is called “Magija” . Last year they promoted the single “Otrove” which was very successful. The song is done by the duo Jala Brat and Buba Corelli. Severina confesses that she is very happy of this collaboration for […]

  Zanamari’s new project is called “Romantika” and is a collaboration with Joshua Macks. It is not their first common project. The song is dedicated to the people that are not losing their time waiting for the real love. The lyrics are a bit provocative but Zanamari confesses that she likes that. The video was […]

  Today his birthday celebrates Danijela Martinovic! We wish her very happy birthday! We wish her lots of health, happiness, luck, love, new hits and even more fans!

The Croatian band Colonia released their new video “Alarmantno”. It is the fifth single from their new album “Nova era”. “Alarmantno” has Latin rhythm  and lyrics that are easy to remember. The music and the arrangement are done by Boris Djurdjevic and the lyrics are done by Valerija Djurdjevic. The video was shot near Zagreb […]

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