The famous rapper Gjiko presented his new project “Distanca”. The song is produced by BIGBANG who has many successful projects. The video is done by Entermedia. It reminds of an action movie, иin which a woman follows and tries to kill a guy which role is played by Gjiko. There is everything – car […]

  Just a few days after presenting her last video “Last Train to Paris” with KDDK, Arilena Ara released her new solo project “I’ll Give You My Heart”. As for her previous successful projects Arilena again works with the composer Darko Dimitrov. The lyrics of the song are written by Arnita Beqiraj. The video is […]

  Today his birthday celebrates 2 Ton! We wish him very happy birthday! We wish him lots of health, happiness, luck, love, new hits and even more fans!

  The rapper KDDK and the Albanian singer Arilena Ara released their common single “Last Train To Paris” a few months ago. The song became a hit and the artists decided to make an official video. The song is produced by Darko Dimitrov. The lyrics are written by KDDK. The impressive video was shot by […]

  Eight months after their last project NRG Band return with a new single and video “Ani More Nuse”. The song is produced by Fourz Music.  The project is an interesting combination of modern beats, the impressive vocals of famous artist Nexhimje Pagarusha and of course, the virtuosic singing of the frontman of the band […]

  Besa, who hasn’t released a song lately, presented her new project “Amor”. The music and the arrangement of the song are done by Elgit Doda. The lyrics are written by Petrit Sparrow, E and Besa. The artists sings in Albanian, English and Spanish. In the video Besa looks amazing and shows her perfect form […]

  After the series of successful singles with impressive videos shot in exotic countries, Butrint Imeri presented his new song “Kush?”. The music producer of the project is RZON, with whom the singer worked and for his last single “Alea”. In this video Butrint Imeri is again the protagonist but this time he embodies in […]

  Today his birthday celebrates Soni Malaj! We wish her very happy birthday! We wish her lots of health, happiness, luck, love, new hits and even more fans!

  Noizy and Dafina Zeqiri presented their first collaboration “A Don Love?”. The popular artists wrote the lyrics for their common project and the music is done by BledBeats. Interesting fact is that the video was shot only by mobile. In the video Noizy and Dafina Zeqiri they seem pretty close and almost the whole […]

  Genc Prelvukaj and Eni Koci presented their common project “Harrove”. This is not the first collaboration of the two singers who are also partners and in personal life. The track is produced by Genc Prelvukaj and the lyrics are written by both artists. The video was filmed in the beautiful town of Ohrid. Thevideoproduction […]

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